Are you tired of being stuck?

From Survivor to Thriver: Reclaim Your Present and Rebuild Your Life with Resilience

Come as you are, Whoever you are.

You have tried talk therapy but here you are feeling stuck ; you know something needs to change but you arenot sure what or how and you are tired of just talking about it.  Your old ways of coping with life is not even effective anymore! If these sound like you, and you are ready to sit with your story using brain-body based interventions to create a more positively balanced version of you, let’s connect.

My name is Nuriye Rumeli. I am an LPC in Manchester CT. First and foremost, my practice is focused on creating an accepting, sacred healing space to process and to resolve big and small trauma(s), depression, anxiety, panic attacks using brain-body based interventions such as Mindfulness Meditation, Somatic Psychotherapy and EMDR; we will create the best treatment plan to help you heal yourself and move beyond creating a toolbox of coping skills that bring temporary relief or being stuck in the hamster wheel of talking. During this process, we will look for and find meaning, revisit untold stories. We will look at the patterns in your life, make meaning of the tensions and help you rebuild you. I am bilingual, multicultural and provide an LGBTQ+ affirming counseling services to teens and adults.

About Nuriye Rumeli

I am a person centered therapist who incorporates brain-body science based interventions to get you to be unstuck in your old patterns and give you a roadmap to return to balance, control and safety. I believe that you have the resources  to tackle your life challenges: we work together to discover your strengths and source of motivations. During this journey, I listen without making premature suggestions, interpretations and never assume because no one, despite their struggles, experience life the same way. I walk this journey with you . I  tailor my technique(s) to meet your needs so that you are provided with the best treatment plan.