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EMDR Intensives

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Transformative EMDR Therapy: Rapid Healing for Anxiety, Depression, and Trauma at Realms of Life Counseling 

You feel stuck and exhausted. Talking to friends and family won't help anymore. You are feeling overwhelmed by the relentless grip of past traumas keeping you in a cyle of shame, guilt and anxiety and times to the deep dark ends of depression. You crave a more profound exploration and breakthroughs in your healing journey. You want a therapeutic space that allows for a more extensive and personalized approach and not just a cookie cutter approach. You are actively seeking an immersive and intensive experience with EMDR therapy to catalyze your healing journey.

If you find yourself stuck in a cycle of old patterns and cycles, know that you're not alone. The journey to breaking free and living the life you desire might seem out of reach, especially when overwhelmed by anxiety, depression, and the shadows of past experiences that seem to dictate your every move.

At Realms of Life Counseling, I offer a transformative solution through our Therapy Intensives—a specialized, accelerated form of therapy designed to dive deep and deliver rapid healing. Our immersive sessions provide the concentrated support you need to find relief from the burdens of anxiety, depression, and trauma, fostering immediate relief and a pathway to breakthrough.

Imagine compressing months of therapy into just 1-3 days. At Realms of Life Counseling, therapy Intensives eliminate the need for weekly appointments, offering you a condensed yet powerful healing experience so you can be in the present and live in the present. In just a single 1-Day Therapy Intensive, you can achieve what typically takes a month or more in traditional therapy settings.

Discover the Power of Personalized EMDR Therapy at Realms of Life 

In the realm of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy, personalization is key. Trauma impacts each individual differently. Unlike standard EMDR retreats that operate within fixed time frames—ranging from half-days to full weekends—I prioritize customizing the EMDR intensive therapy experience to align with your unique needs and preferences. This bespoke approach ensures that the session structure and target selection are meticulously crafted around your therapeutic goals and expectations, offering unparalleled flexibility and effectiveness in your healing journey.

Who Benefits from EMDR Therapy Intensives

For individuals grappling with complex trauma—stemming from varied sources like childhood abuse, neglect, or prolonged exposure to adverse events—EMDR therapy shines as a beacon of hope. It offers a structured yet flexible framework that allows you to process and integrate traumatic experiences at your own pace, addressing the intricate layers of your past to pave the way for profound healing and resolution.

Seeking Deeper Insights and Transformation

If you're driven by a desire for an in-depth exploration of your experiences, EMDR intensives can facilitate significant breakthroughs on your path to recovery. Tailored extended sessions empower you to dive deep into the patterns of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that have held you back, fostering deep insights and lasting change.

Accelerating Your Healing Process

EMDR intensives are an excellent choice for those eager to achieve transformative results swiftly, especially when dealing with acute trauma symptoms or long-standing challenges. This focused therapeutic modality accelerates your healing, enabling substantial progress within a condensed timeframe.

Unraveling Layers of Trauma

If traditional therapy has fallen short in addressing the complexity of your experiences, EMDR intensives provide a comprehensive space to explore and process these multifaceted layers. This approach helps you untangle the complexities of your trauma, leading to deeper healing and resolution.

Achieving Focused Breakthroughs

For individuals targeting specific trauma areas or distress points, EMDR intensives offer a structured yet adaptable therapy approach. This focused exploration ensures that targeted interventions address your unique needs, facilitating the relief and resolution you seek.

Embracing Holistic Transformation

EMDR intensives resonate with those who value a therapeutic approach that considers the whole person—integrating mental, emotional, physical, and behavioral aspects of well-being. This holistic framework fosters overall resilience and promotes a balanced path to recovery.

Embracing a New Path with EMDR Therapy Intensives

If traditional therapy methods have left you feeling stuck, EMDR therapy intensives present a new avenue for healing and transformation. This unique therapeutic experience offers a supportive space to overcome barriers, explore new possibilities, and embark on a journey of positive change.EMDR therapy intensives are more than just a therapy session; they are a gateway to reclaiming control of your life, empowering you to achieve lasting resilience and well-being. By addressing complex trauma, facilitating profound exploration, and promoting holistic transformation, EMDR therapy intensives guide you towards a future where you are the master of your healing journey.

 Realms of Life Counseling approach to EMDR Intensives Therapy

During your initial intake session, my priority is to gain a comprehensive understanding of your current life circumstances and the areas where you may be feeling stuck or experiencing pain. This process involves exploring not only your present challenges but also delving into past relationships, attachment patterns, and future aspirations that may contribute to your current emotional landscape.

To prepare you for the intensive EMDR therapy sessions, I utilize various resourcing techniques aimed at cultivating inner strength and support. This may involve mindfulness exercises, guided meditation sessions, expressive arts activities, or movement practices. Through these methods, I aim to create a personalized internal resource team that can accompany you throughout the EMDR process, providing stability and comfort during and between sessions. Additionally, I dedicate time to practicing grounding techniques and enhancing emotional regulation skills to ensure you feel adequately equipped for the therapeutic journey ahead.

For added support and continuity, I provide a comprehensive workbook tailored to your individual needs. This workbook may include journaling prompts, reflection exercises, and tracking tools to help you monitor your progress before, during, and after each EMDR session. If you don't enjoy journaling, I will explore alternative modalities that fit you, your lifestyle, time and ability/limitations. Furthermore, you will receive a wellness kit filled with resources and tools designed to complement your therapeutic journey and support your overall well-being. The kit is designed with you in mind rather than a generic welcome package. I want to get to know you!

EMDR therapy sessions are customized to meet your specific therapeutic requirements, with session durations ranging from 3plus hours or more depending on your goals and needs. Together, we collaboratively establish the goals and objectives of each extended session, prioritizing the processing of your most emotionally charged memories, sensations, or emotions. Whether addressing past traumas or current stressors, my aim is to empower you to navigate and resolve your inner conflicts at a pace that feels safe and manageable for you.

I conduct a structured free post-session interview lasting approximately 30 to 60 minutes. During this debriefing experience, I encourage you to reflect on your session experiences, insights gained, and any feelings of relief or release. Together, we explore your progress and discuss strategies for continued growth and success, ensuring that you feel supported and empowered as you continue on your healing journey.

At Realms of Life Counseling, EMDR Intensives Therapy offers a holistic and personalized approach to healing trauma and overcoming emotional obstacles. With a focus on comprehensive assessment, tailored interventions, and ongoing support, I strive to empower you to reclaim control of your life and cultivate lasting resilience and well-being.

FAQs of EMDR Therapy Intensives at Realms of Life Counseling

  • Where does the EMDR therapy take place: Extended sessions are offered in person in Madison CT or via telehealth.
  • But I already have a therapist: EMDR therapy intensives can be added as an adjunct to your regular therapy session. I will collaborate with your therapist during this time.
  • What ages do you work with: I work with adults over the age of 18 years old. 
  • What if I have a primary therapist already: Extended EMDR sessions work well as an adjunct therapy and compliment your growth. I would then ask you to sign a ROI for me to collaborate with your primary therapist.
  • Payments: Payments are due at the time of session in full. However, payment plans can be arranged depending on need. 
  • Can I use my insurance to pay? Unfortunately, most insurances don't cover extended therapy sessions however, your insurance may be able to reimburse you partially depending on your plan. For more info, I encourage you to reach out to your insurance

Ready for a Deeper Healing Experience? Let's Connect. If you're ready to embark on an immersive journey with extended EMDR sessions, reach out to start your transformative healing process. Together, we can create a foundation for a future filled with breakthroughs, resilience, and profound transformation.

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