Therapy for Depression

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Are you experiencing feelings of hopelessness, isolation, and a significant change in your overall well-being? 

If thoughts like these have been recurrent in your mind:

  • I have no worth and no control over my life.
  • I feel guilt and shame for wanting basic necessities like food, rest, and solitude.
  • I hate the person I have become.
  • Uncontrollable tears push me further away from others.
  • I experience intense emotional pain that seems incomprehensible to others.
  • Darkness takes over my life and the world around me, and I feel powerless.

You are not alone! 

Depression does not need to define you. There is evidence based depression treatment options for the treatment of depression in addition to talk therapy and sometimes instead of talk therapy. Often times, the treatment lies in:

  • Identifying the blocking beliefs, processing distressing memories
  • Processing emotional blockages that contribute to depression
  • Focusing on self esteem and empowerment to have a better control of your life

If you are ready to unburden yourself, rediscover your true self and leave depression behind, please reach out for your free consultation.Let's explore the possibilities for healing and recovery.