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Trauma Therapy and Healing

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Trauma Therapy: A journey back to Self.

“I feel lost, Nuriye and I want to find myself”. I say, jokingly but seriously “Have you used google maps? The updated version?”. I get a blank stare and a forced chuckle mumbling “noooooo, you know what I mean!” while her eyes asking the very question deep down in silence if I have ever experienced that before too. I reply “I know what you mean, of course I do. Now, tell me more about these feelings “ As a therapist, I understand that there is something deep inside that is making her feel like that. Lost. Disconnected. As a therapist, I notice my desire to share that I ,too, get these feelings and that she is not alone but I want to hold back. In that moment, I am more interested in her experience, and the importance of what she shared. So, I listen. Deep down in my heart and soul, I know that feeling we experience when we are struggling emotionally, misunderstood, confused, unsupported, have family of origin issues, insecurities, unresolved past traumas. Regardless of the million possible reasons as to why she may be feeling so disconnected from herself, I know that being able to connect with someone else in a safe and sacred space has the potential to ease her pain and let her pave her own path back to the Self; her self that has been there all along. While I know that one session, one intervention, or one word of wisdom will not be enough for this, I also know that this will allow her to feel “a bit more” of herself. When she is ready, I will use a pinch of this and a pinch of that. And, that is usually just enough of psychodynamic, EMDR, ego state interventions and a tad bit of CBT. You are not alone. I, too, have traveled the road of pain, sadness, loss and grief. Equally, I too, tasted the sweet nectar of change and success. Every single one of us will walk the journey to self at some point in our lives. I know and have seen the resilience, wisdom, inner truths and the discovery of authentic self. Disclaimer: You may find a peace of your own truth here but it certainly does not mean this post is about you. I hope this post inspires your heart and soul.

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