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Nuriye provides in person and telehealth sessions in Madison CT.

I know you feel lost. Trying to identify your symptoms and asking “what is trauma?” “How to heal from trauma”. You may even be tracking your anxiety symptoms but none of it make sense. After all, logic feels… useless. 

Let therapy be your compass, Friend. In a world that promotes numbing our emotions, logic and reasoning as strength and ways to manage emotions, let your heart lead the way to self-awareness, healing from the past and self-actualization. 

With the right connection and therapist, therapy can help your inner landscape hurt by your past. You deserve to make sense of the complexities of your emotions, thoughts and behaviors. Like a compass pointing out the pathways, therapy can help you discover old beliefs and defense patterns that no longer serve you. 

The rugged terrains of your landscape may need guiding towards safety, support. How bumpy it must feel to be on such terrain at times. Alone. Lonely. Both at times. Let your heart lead the way so that resilience and self-awareness smooth the rough pathways. 

Developing coping skills that will last you a lifetime will be your new compass since life has a way of challenging us in profound ways times. Life happens so fast so much without a notice that you may lose your direction in life. Let your new coping skills illuminate the path. 

Your authentic self has always been there, friend. Therapy just helps you reconnect with her. She is longing to be found, attuned, healed and be in the present. Waiting patiently. You don’t believe me? Ask her. Sit down, take a deep breath or two. Close your eyes; put your right hand on your heart and ask “are you there?”.