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Finding an EMDR therapist through “emdr therapist near me”

Nuriye provides in person and telehealth EMDR in Madison CT.

Finding an EMDR therapist through “emdr therapist near me” is like buying shoes online. You will not know if it is a good fit until you try them. I am not only talking about shoes! I am also talking about therapists.

Therapists look great online. We truly all do. A few good pictures and a hefty list of training and add a dash of “20 plus years in practice”… BAM, she must be it! You may even read some solid reviews online and perhaps, your friend highly recommends them. After all, you might choose them based on proximity to your house or want someone in the same town; who wants to drive these days! Hey, they may even accept your insurance.

However, after a few sessions, you realize that this “EMDR therapist near me” person is not your jam. You don’t feel a connection or feel safe and secure. As sessions move along, this individual does not explain how EMDR works and explore the origins of your symptoms that you want to resolve using EMDR. Furthermore, they jump right into trauma reprocessing with limited to no stability or grounding exercises. As you feel dread going to these sessions, you often fear expressing your concerns because you never felt validated or heard in the first place.

EMDR is an 8-step model which I will not get into any details in this blog post. But I will tell you this. EMDR is a power tool; just like a power tool, it must be used carefully, skillfully. Each and every step of the EMDR process must be communicated and client’s readiness must be explored. Just like a power tool, if an individual is not prepared and assessed properly to use it, he/she may experience unnecessary distress and negatively affect their day to day lives.

No, EMDR is not about reliving your traumas to “make you stronger”; rather, it is being here in the present while processing the past in a safe confidential environment: you in the driver seat with your therapist gently guiding and supporting you and honoring and respecting your processing.

If there is no connection and therapeutic alliance, no intervention no modality will be effective. EMDR therapy is a journey and finding the right connection is the first step.

No connection brings no correction. So, friend… Find yourself an EMDR therapist that you can connect with so you can correct. Leave Google Maps use for the nearest pizza delivery restaurant on a Friday evening.